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Turmerlicious smoothie

Nutritious, delicious, Turmerlicious

Nutritious, delicious, Turmerlicious

When the weather is warm and sunny, you may not always fancy a hot drink. Another great way to take turmeric every day is in a smoothie. You can use your favourite blend of Turmerlicious and any milk that you like.

3 tsp Turmerlicious
150 ml cold water
25 ml milk (any milk is ok eg coconut, almond, dairy)
1 Banana
1 Tbs coconut yoghurt or ice cream
handful of ice

Add the Turmerlicious and cold milk to the blender and whiz for 5 seconds. Add the cold water, ice, banana, yoghurt or if you are feeling decedent ice-cream. Blend for 30 seconds
Pour and enjoy

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