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Why you should consider stocking Turmerlicious?

Why you should consider stocking Turmerlicious?

- Feedback is that Turmerlicious sales perform well because
a. It is a repeat buy for many customers who take turmeric for their health,
b. It ticks the box in "Free From" categories,
c. It looks great and sells really well as a self-purchase or gift,
d. as an alternative to tea and coffee,
e. a product range on trend with turmeric and it being suitable for vegans.

- Turmerlicious is made in the UK with BRC certified ingredients at a BRC (A grade) accredited factory.

- It is good to have an independent sales benchmark and Turmerlicious has been consistently in the top 10 best sellers in the Amazon Coffee Substitute category.

- We have a strong marketing campaign with a growing social media presence targeting 3 main customer groups -
a. 60+ "baby boomers" looking for products to help boost their health and vitality,
b. 30+ "health conscious" wanting products to prevent long-term health challenges
c. 20+ "millennials" interested in vegan, dairy free, trendy caffeine alternatives.

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What are the key selling points to tell customers?

1. One serving of Turmerlicious contains approx. 1.5g whole ground turmeric root.

2. Turmeric is only fat soluble and hard for the body to absorb unless taken with fat/oil, black pepper and heat. Turmerlicious has been developed to facilitate maximum absorption of turmeric with the added black pepper, coconut and heat.

3. Turmerlicious is completely instant - you just add hot water - no cooking, no heating and no yellow fingers or washing up!!

4. They come in four fabulous flavours - Vanilla, Ginger, Choco and Chilli Choc.

5. They are FREE from dairy, caffeine*, gluten, nuts, GMO and suitable for vegans.

*trace naturally present in cocoa pods in 'Choco' and 'Chilli Choc' so make a good alternative to tea and coffee.
Getting started

Getting started

We know it is always a bit risky taking on new products so we want to make it as easy for you as possible with our Starter pack (use coupon code Starterpack)

We are offering you:-

- a fantastic 50% off the RRP on the first order of our Starter packwhich includes 3 of each of our 200g packs. RRP £81.30 Special offer price £41.70

- We are also offering FREE postage on this and future orders over £20

- Sale or return in the first 6 months (no one has ever had to use that!)

- No MOQ on future orders

- Free POS material including posters, strut cards, shelf barkers and fliers

- Regular helpful e-shots with tips and ideas to increase sales

Its "selling like hot cakes"

"Turmerlicious is selling like hot cakes! Hot or cold, we are selling a ton"

On the Eighth Day,

Great new product

Great new product

"Great new product - a really delicious and easy way for our customers to enjoy turmeric."

Rainbow Apothecary,

Customers love this new way to take turmeric

Customers love this new way to take turmeric

"It's going very well indeed. Customers love this new way to take turmeric. People are really interested in the product which is great"

The Natural Way,

Such a forward thinking company

Such a forward thinking company

"I must say what a pleasure it is dealing with such a forward thinking company, thank you."

Riverside Beads and Crafts shop and café
Customers really loves this

Customers really loves this

"The customers really loves this - I think it is going to keep selling really well"

Bourne Spar shop, Farnham