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"I’m thrilled to have discovered Turmerlicious"

I’m thrilled to have discovered Turmerlicious -  a delicious, soothing hot drink
Janey Lee Grace, Imperfectly Natural Woman
Author and BBC radio presenter.

"Turmerlicious ticks all the boxes "

"Turmerlicious ticks all the boxes - dairy free, gluten free, caffeine free. Replacing just one cup of tea/coffee a day with a cup of Turmerlicious."
Mandy Barrett,
Holistic Naturopathic Nutritionist Practitioner

"Fuss free and easy to make"

"My favourite is the chocolate and chilli flavour but I do like all of them. I'm so impressed with how fuss free and easy to make they are" Carolin Dawson (wife of Matt Dawson)

Very Moreish!

"I love the Turmeric Latte Choco. As a hot or cold drink and also in natural or flavoured yogurt ....... delicious.
I was taking regular Turmeric root powder until I discovered Turmerlicious, now I have this every day. To be honest I haven't tried the other flavours as I enjoy this one so much.
" M Russell

Quick and easy way to enjoy turmeric

"This is so quick and easy to make. I have tried to encourage my husband to have more turmeric and this drink is so simple to make that he actually does go and make it for himself. I add a little hot water to begin with, stir it till a paste then add more hot water and top up with milk. I leave the spoon in the cup and give it a stir between sips. Tastes lovely and a great way to get a enjoy turmeric." J.K

Absolutely love this drink!! Delicious

" I absolutely love this drink!! I have had to cut out all diary and gluten and have as a result been struggling to find a drink that contains no dairy, and that is also generally gentle on my stomach. I can digest this really well. I've been drinking this for about three weeks now .

The drink tastes delicious, I tend to mix it with hot coconut milk, which is low calories and makes it really creamy. Will definitely continue to buy this - my new every day treat at work.<</em>>!! Anna

Delicious alternative to Tea and coffee

"I have been looking for alternatives to tea and coffee or cocoa and have finally found it. I have had average two cups of turmerlicious a day for three months to the date. All in all I am so happy and love it. I buy it all the time from our local store and health shop in Farnham. Thank you so much." Emma Ayre

Delicious Turmerlicious!

"Delicious Turmerlicious! Tried this for the first time very recently. I was really pleased with the taste of the drinks and quality of the product (I ordered 3 flavours, one Chocolate, one Vanilla and one Ginger).

I highly recommend the drinks as they are tasty, warming, filling and delicious, especially on a cold night! Definitely give Turmerlicious a try. I think my favourite is the chocolate variety!"

"Brilliant to drink during revision!"

"Brilliant to drink during revision! The chilli really yummy" Joe Howell (aged 16)

"Daughter aged 7 gives it a big thumbs up"

"First taste of the vanilla drink and both my daughter (aged 7) and I give it the big thumbs up. Tastes delicious and it's so good to have an alternative option to hot chocolate." Lisa-Marie McMahon

"A lovely alternative to a standard hot drink"

I love the ginger flavour the best and it's a lovely alternative to a standard hot drink" Caroline Patton

"Really lovely and warming"

"Really lovely and warming. I avoid caffeinated drinks and this is a superb way." Jane Goody

"I look forward to my 11am Tumerlicious hot drink"

"This is great as I look forward to my 11am Tumerlicious hot drink. I have swapped it from my morning coffee so it's an even better option. It tastes great too as I have just ordered some more" Lucy Tyler

"Enticing in a yummy way"

"The packaging is definitely enticing in a yummy way - perfect!!"

"I first discovered Turmerlicious in March and been drinking it every day"

" I first discovered Turmerlicious in March and been drinking it every day. I am very pleased. Plus the rest of the family love it - even the kids. A bit hit for us!"
Linda Stephens

"Looking forward to buying this" - MW

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